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SQL CASE statements and Data Types

Synopsis: All return values from a T-SQL CASE statement must be of the same Data Type. …He thought the request was simple.  “Before you leave [for the weekend], can you make one tiny change…it shouldn’t take more than a minute?”  Or, so I heard a Friday past. “Can we sort the results dynamically?”. I wanted […]

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Terms Software Developers and Project Managers should stop using

Synopsis: “Developer Speak” has unintended overtones when interpreted by non-developers and may be misperceived. I often hear/read words and phrases in professional business settings that make me cringe a bit.  I hear them in internal meetings, client meetings, and even interviews.  I read them in emails and resumes.  It could just be me, but certain […]

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Technical Debt, A Developer’s Perspective

Synopsis: Why servicing Technical Debt remains a reactive process Spoiler: Because it is not important until it is IMPORTANT! In a perfect world, servicing Technical Debt would be a proactive, ongoing endeavour.  However, in a developer’s world, technical interest payments rarely get made unless there is a looming issue that requires immediate attention. Technical Debt […]

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